Job Opportunities at Standard Charter bank (Vietnam)

Employer: Standard Charter Bank (Vietnam)
Working place: District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
Job title: Call centre agent
Job description: Working at the Contact Centre of the Standard Charter bank, answering calls from customers who have questions about the Bank’s products.
Requirements: people with vision impairment, graduated from High school or higher, have good IT skills, can speak English fluently for communication in the Bank.
Training and Job placement: There will be a training at the Bank. The Nhat Hong Center will provide IT, Orientation & Mobility, and other supports during the training and follow-up.
Download Application Form
Deadline: Wednesday, March 10, 2021.
Application form must be submitted by sending an email with attachment, clear subject and content to
Shortlisting applicants will be contacted via email/phone for next steps in the beginning of March 2021.
Contact the Counselling and Support Team of Nhat Hong Center for more information.
Contact person: Nguyen Duc Anh Minh
Phone: 0922931655

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