Sr. Van Nga

Thien An Home for the Blind (MATA) was established at the end of 1999 by Mr. Nguyen Quoc Phong, to meet the needs of education for some blind children who wish to go towards a better future. From the experience of being totally blind himself because of an accident, Mr. Phong was the best person who understood the role of education for the blind in rehabilitation and overcome the darkness of their lives. With the slogan “Overcome darkness by education”, in more than 20 years, base on his love, energy as well as excellent talents on music, language, information technology and other subjects,  through education, Mr. Phong has lead many younger generations to become successful adults in society. In this process, Thien An Home for the Blind has received valuable support from the Blind Vietnamese Children Foundation (BVCF), the donors in Vietnam and overseas including organizations and individuals, and helping of associates, especially sisters of the Rosary Order.

Even though Mr. Phong always loved and attached with loved blind children, his health has been reduced year by year, so he felt that he could not have enough abilities to carry on this heavy responsibility forever. Because he love and care for his children, he thought of the future of the Home for the Blind, of the future of these blind children, so he seek for the support of the Thu Duc Congregation of Lovers of the Holy Cross, a congregation that is specialized on providing service for the blind, to hand over MATA. The Congregation has seen his will as a call from God who is presented in the hearts of young blind people, and accepted his request generously, sending 3 sisters to MATA in last August. MATA became the 10th Home for the Blind of the Congregation. This has brought a great meaning for the celebration of 25 years serving the blind of the Congregation in this year.

At the present, MATA has 38 blind students, from primary to secondary school and higher education, in the loving service 3 sisters and 7 staff, with the support of many benefactors, especially the fellow-support of Father Director and benefactors of BVCF. The two words “Thien An” (heavenly grace) , initiative taken by Mr. Nguyen Quoc Phong is still an inspirative source and the two loving words that are recalling in the hearts of sisters and blind children, composed to an everlasting song to thank God and everyone.



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