by Le Thi Kim Huong

This morning, the singing of sicada is a signal for the summer, my students have summer holiday, I recall the time when I was a student. That time, for me, filled of love and worry. That was the first time I was far away from my family, lived by myself in a strange city, when I was 12 years old.

Twenty-one years have flied over, now I am a blind teacher of 5 blind students. The memory of the first time to be at school is still in my mind. My present happiness is not only depended on my try, my overcome, but also based on everyone’s love and share, especially a special love from Nhat Hong Home for the Blind. I think all blind adults including myself who have graduated, had their own families, working in society, never forget the image of sisters who went out to ask for a kilogram of rice, a package of instant noodle, even they were not in a good quality, to fill our stomaches, or to ask for extend the deadline of electricity payment. We went up gradually, went to ordinary schools, the sisters confronted more difficulties on economic or dealing with ordinary schools, even sometimes the sisters have been asked to close the Home for the Blind and let blind children went to the street. All of these worrying and sacrifice, we did not know, even sometimes asking for quitting the school because of our blindness. However, the sisters consoled and encouraged us to continue to try our best. The sisters loved us as their own children, this love gave me a belief and a luggage for me to enter the society. I have graduated with a good result from the Teacher Training College by this belief and luggage.

Even though my dream has come true, I would never forget the great graces, the home that care for me during my study, and I know that I am still being care in my life when I have difficulties. I promised quietly that I will try to transfer my knowledge to my blind children, to love them greatly so that they will be success even with their vision impairment as myself.



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