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The spring wind gently glides and caresses a girl’s black hair. The little girl is walking with her father in the park under the fresh early sunshine of a pure spring morning. Her unsteady gait is extremely confident, looks so cute and funny. Her pretty mouth is smiling and babbles the early voices. Her tiny hand holds her father’s fingers tighter like to find a silent but great encouragement. And indeed, the presence of the father is a strong encouragement to make that small “nightingale” more confident in her song. If the spring brings the warm sunshine to the grass, her clear voices have just taken the spring to her father. The simple but sacred sounds like a ten-score flower of a good student for the teacher, like a cool wind to ease the waiting for a long time and as a happy wave rolling on incessantly in her father’s heart. It turns out that the language is something so miraculous. But when people grew up, we must learn another lesson more difficult a hundred times than the saying-lesson. That is the silent lesson.

Humans are different from other living species in that we have languages and are capable in communication. Indeed, communication is an extremely precious gift that the Creator has loved to give us. Rely on language and communication, people have could understand and sympathize with each other. However, silence and listening are also a method to help people come closer together. When we are silent, we can listen more and understand more. But silence is an extremely difficult lesson because something has been called “ego”. The ego of human like the magnet, it has sucked all of the pride and the pomposity. Therefore, the demand for expressing itself is always an important need to be placed on top. That’s why people have hardly kept silent when the conceited ego wanted to self-tell up. One side, the voice has been as a cool wind, a smooth and sweet brook but conversely, the voice has been also a knife piercing the heart of others. So, sometimes silence is the key for the solving of arguments, discontents, or disputes. When we are silent, it does not mean that we lose, but at that time we defeated the pretentious and ambitious ego inside us. Moreover, in silence, we will have more time to consider the problem, so that our decisions are more efficient and clearer. Many times, silence is an opportunity for us to look straight into the soul, to listen and talk to ourselves. When we are silent, that’s the time our heart, soul and brain touched to the peace. At that time, we know who we are and why we are in this life. And silence is an opportunity for us to listen and connect our heart to the world. In silence, we will listen more, listen to understand the people around, listen to talk and share to them.

We have waked up in every morning, it means that life gave us a day to live, to love and to dedicate. Try to silence and listen to the whisper of our heart to love ourselves more. Listen to the awake of everything around so that we love more the world. And listen to the beginning of a new day for us to understand what precious life is about. Please appreciate the current moments that we live.


Written by Thu Uyen

Translated by Diem Hanh

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