Sr. Anna Tran Thanh Thuy Tram

In 25 years, the bright garden providing support for the blind in the Thu Duc Congregation of Lovers of the Holy Cross has been a colorful garden. Each color is attract individually but fulfilling and helping each other to become a perfect garden. Twenty-five years are the years that we thank God for giving many colors for our garden, and thank everyone who have colored for this loving garden.

Firstly, the color of sacrifice and service of the Sisters of Lovers of the Holy Cross , the physical arms of Christ. The sacrifice and service of the sisters are shining images of love and self-deny, even in difficulties. Beginning with providing a shelter in Thi Nghe for blind children who lived on streets, until now the sisters have opened 9 other homes to support blind children widely and practically, helping them to participate in education, work, intergration into society.

Next, the color of service of teachers and staff who work closely with sisters to guide, teach and help blind children. With warming hearts, love and patience, they have been a motivation for blind children in this loving colorful garden.

Besides, the color of love and sacrifice of parents who have been care and spiritually shine for their children, colored the colorful garden.

In addition, the color of loving hearts, showing by financial share of benefactors, especially Father Director and benefactors of BVCF. The love is multiple when the love is giving, thinking that all of us are sisters and brothers, feeling the joy and happiness when giving and receiving.

We cannot forget the color of the daily trying and making every effort of blind children themselves. During 25 years, each blind children have showed that they have been trees that growing up to receive the light. Even though, by nature law, there were dark and stormy days, sunny days or hot days, the trees had never went down or gave up, so there were many trees being raised up as ancient trees.

There have been also the color of spiritual support from the love of bishops, priests and religious. They have helped, encouraged, guided all of us in spiritual life. This have been a strong motivation for each member of the loving garden to continue to walk confidently.

The best color is the love of God, the source of all colors. He is our Father who loves and knows what His children need. He has loved and cared for us in each day of 25 years. Please help us to live thankfully and lovely in each second of daily living. We hope that everyone will continue providing support to color the loving garden of blind children of the Thu Duc Congregation of Lovers of the Holy Cross, so that this loving garden will be more beautiful and colorful towards the future.


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